Ableton Live For Cover Bands


    Ableton Live For Cover Bands

    Ableton Live For Cover Bands

    Are you looking for a unique and innovative solution to run backing tracks with a live band? Here at Metropolis Productions we’ve been working a multichannel playback system to run Ableton Live for cover bands. It’s been in development for the past five months and we believe it’s one of the most flexible systems out there. Over the coming months we will be offering support for party bands world wide on how to put this kind of functionality into their shows.


    When designing this system we had four major objectives:

    • Flexible Form / Marker Points

    • Looping On The Fly

    • Variable Tempo

    • Simple Key Changing 

    Many people see running backing tracks as a limiting experience. Back in the days of Mini Disk, yes it was. However, with technology like this those days are gone!

    Set Up

    The video above shows the four major components to the system we use with our flagship party band, Metropolis. These are:

    Ableton Live Suite / Apple MacBook Pro

    Max For Live Device – Follow – Made by Isotonik Studios

    Looptimus USB Midi Foot Controller – Made By

    • Motu 828mkii / Yamaha LS9 Digital Sound Desk


    This is beginning of what is proving to be an exciting process for us. We’re already in discussions with several companies regarding making custom content these tracks. This is both aimed at the function band market and further down the line large scale, bespoke, production shows.

    As with everything we do sonic excellence is the top of what we will be striving to create. If you’ve got any ideas please put them forward – we’d love to hear from you!

    Part two of this video – Ableton Backing Tracks for Cover Bands – can be found here. Part three isn’t too far off!

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