PP024 | Gerry McColgan | Discovering the World of Event Industry Education


    PP024 | Gerry McColgan | Discovering the World of Event Industry Education

    gerry mccolganTime to take a peek back into the classroom and have a brief look into the world of Events Management education. This week, we are joined by Gerry McColgan, an Events Management lecturer based in Ireland, who happened to get in touch with us through stumbling upon our website in his research for Festival Events. Currently, Gerry teaches at 3 different Institutes in Dublin, where he imparts his 30 year career experience as an Events Professional to his international students.

    Here he shares with us how he gravitated towards the events industry from being a member of the Londonderry City Council to becoming an Events Management lecturer. He gives us an overview of the courses that he teaches and what his students take away from his lectures based on his experiences in handling world class award winning festivals.


    • What are the advantages of students who take Events Management academic courses in the Industry?
    • What are the key sub topics that the students would be facing?
    • How did someone like Gerry gravitated towards the world of the Events Industry


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    0:45 – Opening words with Toby and James

    3:55 – Interview with Gerry McClogan

    4:24 – Hear about Gerry’s background and how he became interested in Festival Events Management

    5:27 – Gerry shares his interest in music.

    6:21 – Here’s an overview of some of the festivals and events that Gerry has been involved in.

    6:48 – Being the Event Director for over 30 years for Londonderry’s Halloween Festival which was voted #1 Event by US Today Magazine.

    8:05 – Hear about Gerry’s involvement in the City of Derry Jazz Festival and how it became the Tourism Event of the Year.

    9:24 – Hear about how his team came about booking major international artists for their festivals.

    10:13 – How did Gerry went from doing major events in Londonderry to becoming a lecturer in Event Management Education?

    11:40- Rather than let the practice disappear, Gerry would want to pass his skills to the next generation of individuals who want to pursue a career in Events Management.

    12:11 – Moving to Dublin brings him closer to more businesses that have to do with Events Management

    13:28 – Hear about the 3 different Institutions that Gerry teaches in that offers short courses on Events Management

    15:50 – There is a wide mix of age groups that are interested in Events Management careers ranging from 18 year olds to adults in their 50’s or 60s.

    17:37 – Businesses or companies would send a member of their staff to enter the short course.

    17:53 – Teaching Events Management to an International class.

    19:58 – Let’s look at an Overview of the topics in the Events Management courses.

    21:00 – Learn why the Events Management course is based on Gerry’s practical applications and hands on experience.

    21:46 – Gerry is happy to reference stuff that’s gone wrong in his career because it’s more honest and makes the lectures more interesting.

    22:59 – Hear about the world of Event Management and Human Resource Management

    23:51 – What is Quality Planning, Risk Planning and Post Event Evaluation?

    24:47 – What does General Business Theory have to do with Events Management?

    25:37 – An overview of Event Management Operations.

    26:11 – An overview of Special Events, Indoor and Outdoor Event Management.

    27:03 – Hear about the “Hug Me Celebrations” in Edinburgh.

    27:45 – What is the importance of Marketing and Public Relations of Events?

    28:17 – Discover the advantages of students who take Events Management courses in the Industry.

    28:58 – “Get some practical experience, volunteer in events in their area. Always get involved in a practical point of view.”

    30:17 – Having a musical background is a bonus, but not a requirement.

    31:43 – You’ve got to believe in what you’re doing, it’s got to be interesting for you. You do get rewards in Event Management.

    32:50 – Hear about some of Gerry’s student’s success stories.

    33:43 – How is the Event Industry in Ireland developing?

    35:41 – Where does Gerry see his career in teaching going?

    36:32 – How to get in touch with Gerry?

    37:22 – Closing remarks from Toby and James

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