5 Dances

The Five Other Special Wedding Dances You Also Need To Consider

The First Dance of a married couple has always been a popular tradition in wedding celebrations. There are a plethora of popular First Dance wedding songs to choose from. Whether it be at the beginning of the reception or after dinner, it’s a way for the newlyweds to have their grand entrance that goes straightRead more

Exclusive Backstage First Dance

Exclusive Backstage First Dance Wedding Songs

So you've made it to our backstage first dance wedding songs! How did this unique concept come about? These were a happy accident which started a couple of years ago, when we heard some of our musicians rehearsing a Jewish Wedding First Dance Song, in our dressing room at the Langham Hotel, London. The vocalRead more

Popular Weddings songs

The 30 Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs For Live Band

Looking for ideas on live band First Dance Wedding Songs? You’ve come to the right place. Below are 30 of the most popular and unusual songs Metropolis have performed over the past few years. Some obvious classics, some lesser known gems.   This isn’t a made up list - all these songs were chosen byRead more

10 reasons for brides

10 Reasons Why Brides Should Book Metropolis For Their Wedding Music

Press Play & Get To Know Us   Here it is! Finally something written with you in mind. There are so many bands to choose from for your wedding, but how do you know who to trust and which one to pick?  Everyone’s got a shiny website these days, and we all know testimonials canRead more

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Want to get the wedding band who provide live music, for the top events in the country, at an unbelievable price?…

Grab your Valentines Wedding Band Music Bonus (min value £350) Today! If you want the party & wedding band of your dreams… you’ve found us! What's more, we have an amazing offer running this month. Before we tell you about it, here’s a true story about how Metropolis saved an important event from being ruined, andRead more

Matt West Blog

Want to know why the music professionals choose Metropolis live music?

So this may surprise you...  Matt, a first call musician and conductor in London’s West End and beyond, chose us when tasked with finding a perfect band for a family event.   Last year Metropolis had the pleasure of performing at Rachel & Simon’s Wedding at the beautiful White Dove Barn in Suffolk.    Rachel’sRead more

The Wedding Music Buyer's Bible

The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016

You’ve found it! The most comprehensive and honest look at the live music you can book today… this is The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016. Here you’ll discover the 25 essential styles of wedding music you must consider for your big day. Spend a little time listening to each type of band and be well on the way to discovering what sort of music will make your celebration really special. Below, you’ll see short descriptions, a video, along with the pros and the cons of each type of band / act, so you’ll know exactly what you are investing in.

Weddings 2016

The 9 Elements You Absolutely Must Get Right, For A Magical UK Wedding In 2016.

  You’ve finally found it… If you are planning your own wedding in 2016, you’ll be acutely aware of how costs can spiral out of control and unsure how to prioritise. This super valuable information will keep you on the right track to creating the wedding of your dreams within your means! This post willRead more

Wedding Band Hire- The Essential Detail That Can Spell Magic On The Big Day

Wedding Band Hire: The Essential Detail That Can Spell Magic On The Big Day

 Your life’s soundtrack A shy, unassuming guy left a note in your library book one day when you were in college — he asked if you’d like to come see a friend’s band play at the local cafe. After that initial contact, you’ve been building friendship — and eventually, a blissful romantic relationship — alwaysRead more

Ensure The Enjoyment Of Your Guests

Ensure The Enjoyment Of Your Guests With The Music Provided By Jewish Wedding Band Hire

Ensure The Enjoyment Of Your Guests With The Music Provided By Jewish Wedding Band Hire Mazel tov, you’re getting married! There are so many things to prepare, so many people to invite, so many traditions to uphold. But really, your main goal is to make sure that the day is gloriously meaningful for you andRead more