Backing Tracks For Cover Band – Ableton Live

Backing Tracks For Cover Band – Ableton Live Are you interested in running backing tracks for cover band or Ableton Live? Well you’ve come to the right place! If you look at many party or function band’s websites the debate between whether a live band should or should not use any form of backing tracksRead more

Ableton Live For Cover Bands

Ableton Live For Cover Bands Are you looking for a unique and innovative solution to run backing tracks with a live band? Here at Metropolis Productions we’ve been working a multichannel playback system to run Ableton Live for cover bands. It’s been in development for the past five months and we believe it’s one ofRead more

Reportage By Pascal

Jewish Wedding at London Syon Park

Jewish Wedding at London Syon Park Last Sunday we had the fabulous opportunity to perform at an amazing Jewish Wedding at London Syon Park. Debbie & Kyle, the Bride and Groom, sent us the most wonderful testimonial following their Simcha. We’ve had quite a number of beautiful testimonials over the years however this one reallyRead more

Gigging Success Podcast

Gigging Success Podcast

Gigging Success Podcast The Gigging Success Podcast is a podcast and website designed for party & cover bands wishing to take their acts to the next level. It gives tips, tactics & strategies for taking bands from the bedroom to the ballroom! Obviously, this is a journey we started at Metropolis over ten years agoRead more

Isotonik Studios

Isotonik Studios

Isotonik Studios You may have read the recent blog post on Isotonik Studios on our Metropolis Productions website. If you haven’t, we’ve been working closely together to add features to their Max For Live device called Follow. This works natively through the digital audio workstation Ableton Live. Ableton Live We use Ableton live to runRead more

Isotonik Studios

Isotonik Studios Isotonik Studios is a small company creating plug ins for Ableton Live. They use the Max For Live API (Application Programming Interface) developed by Cycling 74. Ableton Live Ableton live is an industry standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) aimed primarily at the Live performance market. Max For Live can dramatically extend the functionalityRead more

Metropolis Productions

Metropolis Productions

Well it’s the first blog post of 2014. Those of you who keep an eye on the blog will notice things have been a little quiet of late! There is a reason for that… we have been launching a brand new website. Those of you who have worked with us before will know we coverRead more

Party Entertainment Bands

Metropolis Productions can provide an array of party entertainment bands, from acoustic to a full on 15-piece show band. Tailored Party and Function Bands Metropolis Productions can offer bands tailored to your event, from corporate events, to private parties. Metropolis also specializes in Jewish events. Contact Metropolis for a friendly chat. Below are the standardRead more

Jewish Event Ideas

Metropolis has been staging Jewish events for many years and providing unique and glamorous ideas that have guests talking about for months to come.   Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish Weddings An event created by Metropolis Productions is tailored, creative and professional. An event can be purely traditional, a real simcha, purely modern or a blendRead more

Sound Design for Events

Technical Pride All Metropolis Events can include sound design. At least one professional sound engineer will ensure the music will be refined and perfect to suit the venue. We’ll also liaise with the venue to see sound limits are adhered to and guests can hear each other talk, while at the same time making sureRead more